Monday, March 26, 2012

Beer 101: An Intro to Me

Yes, people, its another beer blog. Written by a guy who didnt even like beer until he was 25 or so. By a guy whose father kept the basement fridge stocked with Goebel and Carling Black Label for family gatherings or after softball game parties. Who once thought Red Dog was the height of beer chic because of those clever commercials: "The dogs red, not the beer." Wow! How outside the box! Oh, you say the Plank Road Brewery is actually just a psuedonym for Miller/Coors? How delightfully subversive!

Its taken me until age 40, but I can finally say that Bud Light is swill. Oh, Ill certainly indulge in an infrequent PBR if the time is right (the price always is, obviously), but I can now say with fervor and authority: "I am Jeff Priskorn, and I am a microbrew snob!"

NOTE: You may have noticed that this blog is called "Phruity on Beer". Who or what the heck is a Phruity? Its one of my many alter-egos, something that I may explain in detail at some point. Until then, go here and check out some of his better work.

An example of what bad beer can do to you.

My brother and I have a friendly ongoing competition on who has been to the most Michigan microbreweries. I think we've both visited over 50, certainly too many to keep a detailed count on anymore. It took him regaling me with stories of the new places and beers he was sampling to really come around, but now I scour the Michigan Beer Guide and other similar publications and willingly travel across the state to taste and review the best microbrews Michigan (and elsewhere) has to offer.

My odyssey started in earnest in May 2011, when my wife and I decided to plan our annual anniversary trip around stopping at as many Michigan microbreweries and brewpubs as we could. From Royal Oak and Detroit, to the U.P., to Traverse City, Saugatuck, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, we hit about 20 in just over a week of travel. Our basement has become a shrine to our travels, filled with photos of every place we've been and lots of logo pints and growlers as well.

In this blog space, I plan on recounting some of my experiences with the ever-growing brewery scene in Michigan and beyond, as well as posting reviews of many of the beers Ive sampled. You may care, or you may not, but my lovely wife keeps telling me that if I plan on spending 95% of my time journaling while at these establishments, I better start making it public or else. So yes, there is a price to pay when married to a woman who actually seems to enjoy your company. Pay more attention to her than the beer (say 51%), and things will work out just fine!

So, my point (and I might have one, not sure yet) is that in my ensuing posts Ill start covering the places Ive been and the beers Ive drunk, and hope you give enough of a rats posterior to give it a read. There may be podcasts in the future, with Michigan brewers as well other micro connoisseurs. Well see. But until next time, hoist responsibly!

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